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Miniature Herefords

Why Registered Miniature Herefords?

Great for Ag Exemptions & Small Acreage


Grand Kid Approved Show Projects


Extremely Docile and Easy To Handle


 Mini Herefords are smaller in size.  They require less space and eat far less than large cattle.  This makes them great for obtaining or maintaining agriculture tax exemption status on small acreage.

Extremely docile in nature, Miniature Herefords are excellent for backyards pets and 4H or FFA projects.  They help instill responsibility in  children and young adults.  Not to mention, it gets the kids out of the house and in nature.

Mini Herefords convert feed to body weight effectively.  As a result, you can graze 2 to 3 head to 1 standard sized cow.  Miniature Herefords are exceptional beef cattle resulting in flavorful, high quality beef.

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