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Getting started with mini herefords


It all began

when we bought ten acres with an existing agriculture exemption.  Charles had never been around cattle before so he wanted something small, without horns and docile.  Becky loved Herefords so it only made sense to start with mini herefords.

With only ten acres

it made sense to have miniature cows since the ag exemption required five head of cows. They require less space and less grass.  As a result, you can graze two to three head to one standard size cow. miniature cows

Our starter herd

consisted of 6 registered miniature herefords, two 11 year old cows, a 5 year old with a 3 month old calf, and 2 fifteen month old heifers.  They were all bred.  The makings of a nice herd of miniature cows for a small place and amateur cow owners.  All at a cost that was lower than one year's agriculture exemption.  

Plus we made some great

friends and mentors.  Jim, owner of JCS Miniature Herefords in North Zulch, Texas is an awesome mentor and friend.  He has taught us everything from how to put up electric fencing (yep, you don't need barb wire,) how to spot a cow ready to calve and how to identify good grass among many other things.  He has taken many a phone call from us and patiently answered many questions.  Amanda from Oliver Mini Acres in Jacksonville, Texas has also become our mentor.  Got to love an East Texas girl that tells it like it is and offers to help market your mini herefords.  We hope to be your mentor and friend if you are starting a new herd with Miniature Herefords. 

And an added bonus

is raising your own flavorful beef.  We put grassfed beef from JCS Mini Herefords in our freezer and will not go back to beef bought in a grocery store. Mmm good eatin'

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