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About Us and Our Miniature Herefords


City Comes to the Country

Big T Cattle Co. is owned by Becky and Charles Tucker.  Becky fell in love with Herefords over 50 years ago.  Her Grandfather, an Englishman, loved his Hereford cattle.  His herd was so gentle that the grand kids played in the pen with them.  Even his bulls, all named Frank, tolerated the rowdy kids even though they were not mini herefords.  Charles was raised in Clemson, SC and was very much a city boy.  An animal lover all his life but no one would have ever considered calling him a country boy. 


After living in Katy, Texas. for over 25 years, the Tuckers moved to Grimes County, outside of Iola, Texas and established their new home on ten acres.  After falling  in love with  Miniature Herefords at the Houston Livestock Show, it only made sense to start a small herd as an agriculture exemption.  Neither Becky nor Chuck ever expected to become so excited about this venture.

They purchased a starter herd, in January 2018, of six head ranging from older cows to a six month old heifer.  All were halter broken and loved a good back scratch.  Their first calving season was just completed in late January 2019.   Those new babies playing in the pasture make front porch sitting the best! 

Chuck can often be found at the feed store asking lots of questions and talking about his herd.  Many times he has said, "Before moving to Iola the only time I said country was when it was followed by the word club."  While not quite a cattle baron, he is a lover of mini herefords.  Becky is thrilled that their ten grandchildren can play among their small herd.  

We would love for you to come visit our happy place.  


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