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Why Mini Herefords in Texas


 Miniature Herefords inherit the docile nature of the full sized Herefords.  They are easy to work and play with.  They are gentle on fences allowing owners to section off their pasture with electric fencing.  Calving is easy and their Mama's have  strong maternal instincts.  

Miniature Herefords In Texas



Extremely docile in nature, Registered Miniature Herefords make great 4H and FFA projects.  Especially for young children who are looking for their first show animal.  Their small size makes them easy to work with.  Perfect for teaching your child responsibility whether they choose to show or just enjoy their mini cow as a pet.


  Miniature Herefords are exceptional Texas beef cattle.  With low production costs while producing smaller sized cuts of lean, flavorful, high quality beef.  This is perfect for today's popular lean meat and small portion trend.


Miniature Herefords, because of their smaller size require less space and eat for less food which perfect on a piece of small acreage in Texas.  Miniatures convert feed to body weight effectively.  Miniature cattle winter on roughly one-third the feed of many crossbred cows.  They reach market weights earlier and have very lean carcasses.


Our herd of mini cows are not only easy to handle and provide meat for our freezer, they also provide the means for us to retain our small property agriculture tax exemption in Grimes County, Texas.  They supplement our retirement income and offer many tax deductions.  But best of all, there is nothing quite as peaceful as a pasture full of these beautiful animals.

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